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Sherri Jacobs, LCMFT, MA-ATR
Style & Approach

I have spent my career serving in the therapist role, and assisting people in the cathartic process of unloading whatever is burdening them. What separates a great family therapist in Overland Park from an average family therapist, is what happens in the tender and vulnerable space following a person’s revelation of their experiences. My approach is to help people harness their inner strengths for authentic, transformative change, and to serve as an ideal therapist with whomever walks through my door.

The unique benefit of a family therapist in Overland Park is the entire focus gets to be on you, giving you a chance to truly be heard and felt. I am certain that when people are searching for an ideal therapist to meet their needs, they are looking for someone who is safe, sturdy enough to bear witness to their story, and a family therapist who is present in an authentic and honest way.

The simple formula for Sherri Jacob’s style & approach:

“Create a loving and non-judgmental environment where people feel safe to explore the thoughts, memories, emotions, and stuff impacting their day to day living.”


I received a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Friends University, and a master’s degree in art therapy from The University of Illinois at Chicago. My undergraduate degree is from The American University in Washington, D.C. I have worked for many years in a variety of settings including inpatient psychiatric facilities, nursing homes, residential treatment facilities, with chronically ill patients, and many other settings. I am also a trained mediator in Johnson County, approved by the Supreme Court of Kansas.

Associations/ Partnerships

I am a past president of the Kansas Art Therapy Association, founder/license holder of TEDxOverlandPark, co-founder of the ARTicipation program at the Epsten Gallery, and co-founder the Art Heals program at InterUrban ArtHouse. I have served in leadership roles for many organizations in Kansas City. I am the 2014 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the American Art Therapy Association. I am on the faculty of Avila University and teach in the undergraduate art therapy program.

InterUrban Arthouse

Heartland Art Therapy is located in the InterUrban ArtHouse in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. Transforming the former post office building into a multi use arts space, The InterUrban ArtHouse serves as a vibrant arts center, offering a wide range of services for the community, including affordable studio space, an art gallery, a cafe, and opportunities for engagement on many levels. Aside from her private practice, Sherri Jacobs also offers community art therapy workshops through InterUrban’s Art Heals program.

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