Marriage and family

Marriage & Family Therapy

What is Marriage & Family Therapy?

People are often surprised to learn that marriage and family therapy is a distinct profession. By viewing the world through our interconnected relationships and systems, the field developed as natural evolution over the 20th century in the mental health field. Recent research in the field of neuroscience is enhancing this work, with evidence supporting the idea that humans are naturally wired to be together.

Marriage & Family Therapy: A Unique Approach

Many of the problems that individuals are labeled or diagnosed with are really the result of troubled relationships, either in one’s biological family or current system. Marriage & family therapists work with couples and families to repair and rebuild their relationships. This essential viewpoint of treating the system is the key to effecting long lasting and meaningful growth.

How can a Marriage & Family Therapist help you?

Sherri Jacobs is a professional marriage and family therapist in Overland Park with the experience to assist you in the meaningful process of repairing relationships. Sherri uses evidence based theories such as EFCT and Structural Family Therapy, asĀ road maps for working through conflict, digging into the root causes of problems and offering tools for repair.

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