Sherri Jacobs, LCMFT, MA-ATR




               Why Mediation?

Sherri Jacobs is a mediator in Johnson County, Kansas. Approved by the Supreme Court of Kansas to mediate conflict, Sherri can serve as a neutral third party to general conflict pertaining (but not limited) to neighborhood, community, victim/offenders, small claims, education or farmer-lender problems. Rather than taking cases to court, finding solutions through a mediation process is cheaper than hiring attorneys, and offers each party an opportunity to be heard, and look beyond swift court decisions. Sherri blends her undergraduate degree in conflict resolution and international relations with her clinical work to be an excellent partner in solving conflict.

              Mediation: The Benefits

Mediation cases are confidential, offering each party an opportunity to truly express themselves as they work through their conflict. Mediation cases may not be subpoenaed (although mandatory reporting is required, and mediators report abuse, and break confidential protocol to keep parties safe).


  • The parties decide the outcome
  • Can be quicker and cost less than court
  • Can preserve and improve relationships
  • Can be more creative than court
  • Can include other parties
  • Helps define the issues

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