Individual Therapy
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Individual Therapy

Sherri Jacobs, LCMFT, MA-ATR

                  Individual Therapy



               What is Individual Therapy?

Marriage and family therapists observe the world through a systems lens. This vantage point shifts the mood in the therapy room when working with individuals, often eliminating the shame and guilt individuals feel about themselves. It is counterproductive to explore an individual’s issues without considering the context from which they came or with whom they are currently living. Individual therapy in Overland Park in this setting is an empowering experience, and surprisingly, one person’s work toward growth and change can impact a whole system.

               The Benefit of Individual Therapy

Individuals can  benefit greatly from working with a family therapist in Overland Park trained in the field of marriage and family therapy. Rather than pathologizing or blaming an individual when things get off track, family therapists think about each individual as part of a bigger system ( current family, biological family, etc), enhancing the therapy process.

               An Effective Approach to Individual Therapy


There is a misnomer that marriage and family therapists only serve couples or families. Individual therapy is unique when led by marriage and family therapists, in that it destigmatizes the shame associated with self blame. Working with a therapist who sees the world as a system offers people a new way to see their current issues, and past experiences. This style of therapy can and offer a road map for self love, empathy and forgiveness.

               How can an individual therapist help you?

Individual therapy, in partnership with a marriage and family therapist, offers an opportunity for authentic growth and change. Sherri Jacobs brings decades of experience of working with individuals to truly understand their story, and place it in 21st century context of recognizing that humans are relational beings; and to think otherwise is not really understanding the human condition.

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