Corporate Retreats

Corporate Creative Retreats

Sherri Jacobs, LCMFT, MA-ATR
The Power of Creativity in Business

Looking for a cutting-edge way for your employees to grow, bond, or expand their creativity and problem-solving skills? Creativity retreats and workshops led by Sherri Jacobs can enhance cooperation among employees and help companies combat stagnation in the workplace. Sherri blends her previous experience in corporate sales with her systems therapy training to offer dynamic and unique retreats.

Why Creativity?

Creativity has consistently been ranked as the most essential quality/need for employees in the 21st century. Creativity retreats can give employees and their companies an opportunity to spark a dynamic work climate and enhance innovation in the workplace.

Enhance Creativity

Corporate retreats might include team building skills such as a group painting project, creating a mural in the workplace, role playing, working on assertiveness skills, collaborative activities, problem solving activities, relaxation/mindfulness training, effective communication, conflict resolution, trauma reduction, grief resolution or anything that reflects the needs and desires of the participants.

Reduce Workplace Stress & Improve Relationships

Sherri Jacobs works with each company and organization to tailor personalized retreats for the needs of the company or organization. As a therapist trained in systems thinking, she is adept at gently addressing the “elephant in the room” to reduce workplace stress, and improve overall workplace relationships. Sherri has led therapy groups for decades, contributing to her expertise of running corporate retreats.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Sherri can travel to the workplace or offer workshops retreats in the InterUrban ArtHouse in her studio. This dynamic center offers participants an opportunity to get out of the office and see their co workers in a different venue.

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